Isobel Thrilling

Isobel Thrilling is a contemporary English poet. She was born in Suffolk and brought up in a northeast English village. After graduating from Hull University, Thrilling started teaching. She first came to writing after her eye operations. Then onwards, her works have appeared in magazines, newspapers, television, and radio channels.

Thrilling’s poetry has been included in several anthologies by renowned publishers, including Oxford University Press, Macmillan, etc. Her first poem, “Not Porcelain This Skin,” was published on 1 January 1971 by Outposts. She published a total of four poetry collections: The Ultrasonics of Snow (1985), Spectrum-shift (1991), The Chemistry of Angels (2000), and The Language Creatures (2007).

Thrilling’s poems such as “Advice to a Teenage Daughter,” “Children in Wartime,” “Lover,” etc., have a modern appeal. Especially, her “Advice to a Teenage Daughter” is a slightly humorous and ironic piece of advice to teenagers to play the “war-game” of love safe without turning out with a broken heart.