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CBSE Class-XII Poetry Syllabus (English Core)

In the 2021-22 academic year, CBSE has decided to ask questions carrying a total of 44 marks from the Literature section. It amounts to 55% marks in the English Core paper. Those who are in Class-XII need to emphasize especially on this section as more than 50% weightage is given on this section. For further reference, you can check out the CBSE English Core syllabus for Class-XII (2021-22).

CBSE Class-XII Poetry Syllabus

English Core syllabus of Class-XII includes six poems from the textbook Flamingo. Readers can find an in-depth analysis of each poem here. The syllabus consists of the following poems.

  1. My Mother at Sixty-Six by Kamala Das
  2. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum by Stephen Spender
  3. Keeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda
  4. A Thing of Beauty by John Keats
  5. A Roadside Stand by Robert Frost
  6. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers by Adrienne Rich

You can find the Summary, Line-by-Line In-depth Analysis, Themes, Poetic Devices, and more from these poems on our site. Wish you good luck with your preparation and hope you can consolidate a great score in your final exam. Don’t underestimate this section, as it can fetch you good marks easily if you prepare well!

Questions to be asked from Poetry 


There will be two sets of Multiple Choice Questions asked from the poetry section of the book Flamingo. Out of which, students have to answer only one set that includes four MCQs. For the correct answers, they will be awarded 4 marks.


Five Short Answer Type questions to be answered in the final examination of Class-XII, out of six questions from both the Prose and Poetry section from Flamingo. Each question carries 2 marks and is to be answered within the prescribed limit of 30-40 words.


Two Long Answer Type questions will be asked out of which one question is to be answered. The questions will be asked from either the Prose or Poetry section of Flamingo. It will be written within 120-150 words and a total of 5 marks will be awarded.

Total Marks

The MCQs asked solely from Poetry carry a total of 4 marks. If three questions are asked from poetry in the SAQs section, there will be a total of 6 marks. In the LAQs section, 5 marks will be given for attempting the question from poetry. So, students can score a total of 15 marks if they focus specifically on the poems from the book Flamingo.

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  1. shubhrali says:

    Why only one poem has explanation?
    When others will be explain?

    1. Please bear with us. We’ll analyze all the poems from your syllabus.

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