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ISC (Class-XII) Poetry Syllabus of Elective English for 2022

CISCE’s reduced syllabus for the ISC or Class-XII examination in 2022 prescribes five textbooks. The Poetry section has 20% weightage in the final examination like other sections. Students have to study a number of texts from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Verse (An Anthology of sixteen poets. Edited by Chris Woodhead). For further reference, you can read the ISC English Elective Syllabus for 2022.

ISC Poetry Syllabus of Elective English for 2022

Students of Class-XII who wish to attempt the question from the poetry section, need to study 6 poets and their works from the textbook Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Verse. The poems prescribed in the syllabus are given below.

D.H. Lawrence

  • Snake
  • Bavarian Gentians
  • The Ship of Death

Edward Thomas

  • October
  • As the Team’s Head Brass
  • Beauty

Seamus Heaney

  • Follower
  • At a Potato Digging
  • Punishment

Ted Hughes

  • The Thought Fox
  • Pike
  • Crow Tyrannosaurus
  • Ravens

Philip Larkin

  • Church Going
  • Dockery and Son
  • The Whitsun Weddings

W.H. Auden

  • Refugee Blues
  • The Shield of Achilles
  • The Unknown Citizen
  • Musee des Beaux Arts

You can read the poem guides by clicking on the links. In order to improve your understanding of a text, you can refer to our in-depth guides. It includes all the sections that are to be asked in the final examination.

Questions to be asked from Poetry Section

Three Long Answer Type questions will be asked in the examination. Out of the three, only one is to be answered. It carries 16 marks. If a student wishes to attempt a question from the Poetry section, he or she needs to read all the texts prescribed in the syllabus.

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