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ICSE (Class-X) Poetry Syllabus for 2022

For the 2022 ICSE or Class-X final examination, CISCE has reduced the syllabus of English Paper-2. It consists of three sections: Drama, Prose (Short Stories), and Poetry. Students have to compulsorily answer a question set from poetry carrying 20% weightage in the English Paper-2. For more details, refer to the ICSE English Syllabus for 2022.

ICSE Poetry Syllabus for 2022

Students who are to sit for the 2022 ICSE examination, have to study only 4 poems from the prescribed textbook Treasure Trove – A Collection of ICSE Poems and Short Stories. For 2022 CISCE has reduced the syllabus of all the sections in English Paper-2, Literature in English. The poetry syllabus includes the following poems.

  1. I know why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
  2. The Patriot by Robert Browning
  3. Abu Ben Adhem by Leigh Hunt
  4. Nine Gold Medals by David Roth

Students have to attempt at least one question from the Poetry section in their English Paper-2 exam. We have prepared guides to help you to analyze and understand all four poems from the syllabus. You can find the analysis of each poem by following the link.

Questions Type from Poetry Section

In the actual examination of English Paper-2, Section B includes the questions from poetry. There will be three extract-based questions (Questions 4-6). Each extract is followed by a set of five questions. The first four questions carry 3 marks each and the last one carries 4 marks. It amounts to a total of 16 marks.

Students have to attempt one question each from the Drama, Short Stories, and Poetry. After attempting the compulsory questions, they can attempt the remaining two questions from any section.


The first four questions asked from the poetry extract are mainly Short Answer Type. Students have to answer it precisely based on the context or information from the given extract. These questions also include part marking.


The last question of the poetry extract carries 4 marks. It is mainly an analytical-type question. Students are required to answer it with their understanding of the text. In some extracts, the last question also includes part marking.


As there are only four poems to be studied for the 2022 examination, students can score great marks by thinking smartly. Analyzing the trends of questions from the Poetry section, it can be found that with a sound understanding of the text you can score full marks.

Poems are easier than prose and the Drama is lengthier than the other sections. Students can attempt all the questions from the poetry section after attempting the compulsory questions. It amounts to 48 marks that carry 60% weightage of the paper.

Be smart. Only four poems can fetch you 60% marks in the overall paper if you prepare well without committing any silly mistakes!

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